Thursday, November 1, 2012

Venice Canals

Sketching a unique house in the Venice Canals.

Lone stool

Here is a sketch by our 11th grade master of contrast and value. A lone stool in an unidentified location in Venice, Jose DB.

Sketching at the canals

Hello! This is Nancy, the other teacher adviser for the AV urban sketcher club. I am actually an English teacher who saw this group of sketching students last fall and wanted to learn how to sketch myself! It's been fun growing alongside my students and learning from the fabulous Ms. Lowe, art teacher extraordinaire. :) This is a sketch from the Venice canals. You can see two of our other sketchers working on their craft (that's Jose DB in the corner!)
Just a lazy afternoon at home.
Hi, it's Julia here! Last week, the Urban Sketchers went to the Venice Canals which have some of the most unique and diverse homes along with idyllic scenery.  This house had a style that interested me and I was happy with what I got out of it! I'm excited to continue to get better and I hope you'll enjoy seeing my improvement. :)

Animo Urban Sketchers at the Venice Canals

Just a short walk from our high school are the famous Venice, CA canals.  We took advantage of the extra light before Daylight Savings in November and enjoyed an hour or so out in our neighborhood. 

                                          drawing people at the Talking Stick Lounge
                                           Model in a classroom